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Our story begins in 1997 in the new Michaniona where our natural retail store for home and decoration items operated. In its original form, the company is active in the trade of glassware, gift items, small furniture, lighting fixtures, household items.

Following the pace of development, we open the gates of our business in the sale of products and through the internet.

With experience in the field of fashion and decoration trends that exceeds 20 years, we created our online store (

Many years of experience help us to distinguish quality products and offer them to you at the lowest possible price.

In our online store you will find all kinds of decoration, ideal to renew your space and completely change not only its style, but also the energy it exudes.

Ideas and suggestions in combination with a wide variety of products with our collection being enriched with a large number of designs on a daily basis, renew your space and your mood with unique types of decoration and equipment.

We wish you a good tour of our website

"Be true to your own taste, because something you really like is never out of style"